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Exceptional interior architectural character & custom trim services

Bring out the best in your home

Transform your home into a space you love

Create the perfect home by enhancing the interior architectural character of your house. Add gorgeous custom crown moulding, stunning custom trim and features that just work with your space.

By adding high-quality interior architectural character to your home like a recessed fireplace, reclaimed wood panelling, or unique wood wall treatment you’ll be able to create a striking centrepiece of any room.

Cap your cabinets and interior walls with custom crown moulding made exactly the way you want it. Create a sense of true character by adding gorgeous custom trim to the bottom of your floor.

No matter what kind of architectural character you’re looking for, our team will get it completed just the way you imagined.

Get in touch today to talk about your dream interior design and add some architectural character to your home.

Give your home a refresh

Our team has over 15 years of experience in enhancing the interior of homes across Ontario. Give your home a new lease on life.
dininig room with brick curved ceiling

Architectural Character

Add something special to your walls with some architectural character.

Our team can install features that will bring out the best in your home including wall fireplaces, wood panelling, reclaimed wood accents and much more.

Start enhancing the look of your home today with our architectural character services

feature wall with custom architectual detail in a herringbone pattern


Trim is the perfect addition to any kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or basement. It adds an extra bit of life to any room and makes the boring walls an exciting adventure.

Our team will craft custom trim for your home so it fits perfectly with your interior design and gives your home the look you’ve always wanted.


renovated kitchen with white custom cabinets and crown molding

Crown Moulding

Cap your cabinets with gorgeous, custom-made crown moulding. Crown moulding will give your cabinets an extra bit of life without the need for complete replacement.

Line your hallways with unique crown moulding to give your home a truly unique look.

Let our team craft the perfect crown moulding for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does custom trim cost?
The variability on trim styles sizes and shapes depicts the price. We can sit down and give you a quote accordingly to everyone’s own individual project.
How long does it take to install custom trim or crown moulding?
Once again depending on the amount of rooms size and detail of your trim or crown moulding depends on how long the job will take. If we are trimming out a whole house, it can take up to a couple of weeks. If we are trimming out one or two rooms, it will take a couple of days to install and a couple of days to prime and paint.
What architectural character services do you offer?
Here at G-Force, we work hand and hand with designers and engineers. This helps the process with homeowners that aren’t sure of exactly what they want. We lead you in the right direction!
Do you offer interior design services?
Yes, we work hand and hand with 2 different design teams. The designers can help with layouts of floor plans, cabinet styles, colours on your walls, tile in your bathroom and the list goes on.
Can you renovate my whole house?
Yes, we can renovate your whole house! We can do mild to wild and everything in between!

Create your dream interior with help from our team of carpentry specialists